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Bigfoot Hoaxers will Reappear

Last night online Steve Kulls (the man who introduced Biscardi to the Georgia men) read a statement and answered questions about the "bigfoot body." He gave a timeline breakdown on how the hoax went down, Fox News was given the exclusive scoop because Biscardi has worked with them in the past. Kulls waited until 10:10 EST to make the statement due to the promise to Fox, The jist of it is this, referring above to the three choices I offered yesterday to explain Tom's actions, it turns out to be both (1) he lied, and never really saw the thawed body and (3) contrary to his claim of the opposite, he is quite obviously the WORST bigfoot hunter in the country.

He was indeed duped again, but didn't know it until very early Sunday (17th) morning. He then called the two "good old boys" and they admitted the hoax and agreed to meet Biscardi at 8 AM to sign a document admitting guilt and promising to return the money they had been advanced. Biscardi got to their Palo Alto hotel room only to find out they had skipped town. The statement by Kulls is available online, but I don't think this drama has played out yet. The two men will either have to disappear and go into hiding or reappear soon with a mitigating explanation that absolves them of the fraud. I for one plan to "stay tuned" as the biggest circus may be yet to come, and the true "ringmaster" yet to be revealed.

--Michael Rugg

I wrote the above on August 19...
just a moment ago I heard that the "good old boys" are at it again. I figured they had something "up their sleeve" when they went all the way to the press conference. Maybe they figured Tom Biscardi would join in on the hoax and were disappointed when he refused to do so; maybe they had a "sting" explanation planned from the start. Steve Kulls is probably the only person who might know the truth (other than Biscardi) and he will be talking tonight, I expect, on his Squatchdetective radio show. When I heard that the thawed ice revealed the hoax, and that the two hoaxers had skipped town, I figured they would most likely claim it was all just a ruse to prove that all bigfooters are gullible fools, and that Biscardi is a hoaxer. It was the only scenario that made sense, given their previous antics; with Biscardi's reputation, and Whitton's position on the police force in Georgia, Tom makes a perfect fallguy. I said from the beginning this looks like the Dukes of Hazzard meet Smokey and the Bandits over the top!


At 1:54 PM, Blogger Patrick Roberts said...

i'm still trying to figure out if "Sasquatch" is Bigfoot's name, or if that's the name of his species... man i need to get in the loop

At 6:01 AM, Blogger David Gerard said...

But how could anyone have ever doubted those guys? They just radiated trust. I'm sure the Bigfoot species really has rubbery skin.

At 11:02 AM, Blogger Greg said...

Hi Mike,

Thanks for the update. Yes, I guess it is too good to be true. Biscardi seems like a pretty easy guy to fool!


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