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1967 Bigfoot "Hoax" is Urban Myth

I don't have much time to put all the details in this post to back up what I'm gonna say, but I feel a screaming need to say it.

The claim that the Patterson-Gimlin film of bigfoot of 1967 has been "debunked" is an Urban Myth perpetrated by the media. Its the result of several events and claims being lumped together inappropriately.

The latest reports about the "bigfoot" in Malaysia by major news sources has included a short history of the "bigfoot story" that includes the statement about the "famous film from 1967 having been debunked when the family of the photographer admitted it was someone in an ape suit." This statement is wrong in just about every way possible. The "family" who made the claim were the survivors of Ray WALLACE who died a couple of years ago. They announced to the press that their father (Ray) had "made all the bigfoot tracks in Northern California." They also said he had filmed his wife in a "Bigfoot suit."

The 1967 film was made by Roger PATTERSON (who held the camera), backed up by Bob GIMLIN (who stood on alert with rifle in hand prepared to shoot if the animal turned on them.) No one in either of THEIR families has denounced the film, and Ray Wallace had nothing to do with their bigfoot encounter (although he liked to claim he told Patterson "where to look"... that also had nothing to do with their film event.) Over the years there have been a number of individuals who have been credited with making or wearing the "bigfoot suit" in the 1967 film, by various skeptics. The fact is, the Patterson-Gimlin film has never been debunked. For a more detailed explanation of how this Urban Myth started check out